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Action North Recovery Centre is an 18 bed Co-ed residential treatment facility located in the town of High Level, in northern Alberta. We are located within easy walking distance of community facilities and stores; swimming pool, ball diamonds, arena/ice rink (indoor/outdoor).

We have well experienced staff who have extensive knowledge of the addictions field. Our counselling staff are very dedicated and knowledgeable in the 12 steps, emotional management/release, and recovery strategies.

Our Centre allows for smaller client groups and focus. We offer well balanced meals, a comfortable and safe atmosphere and a lot of support and encouragement. Clients may also have access to outside  appointments with Mental Health to see a therapist via Walk-in clinic, if applicable.

Treatment Fees

Alberta Residents: $40.00/daily rate.

Out of Province: $150.00/daily rate.

Payment methods accepted: Cash, money orders, cheques, or confirmation from funding source.

Once an intake date is confirmed, all clients must check in via telephone/email once per week until arrival.

What to Expect in the Program

ANRC is a 12 step based Treatment Centre and incorporates these principles into the programs. We utilize a treatment model based on group therapy being the primary focus but also provide one to one counseling which will take place at the discretion of the Counselor assigned.

Groups include but are not limited to the following:

An introduction to the basic principles of Alcoholics Anonymous: Steps 1-3 (Four Weeks) , Steps 4-12 (90 days), & Big Book Study on weekends.

In house attendance of open A. A/N. A Meetings:

Monday– Friday

Adult Children of Alcoholics
After Care planning
Community Speakers
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Treatment Programs

Four Week Program: Addresses the first 3 Steps of A.A., including group sessions, lectures, videos, movies, and some aspects of Native spirituality. A Counsellor is assigned within the first few days of arrival and one to one counselling sessions will be scheduled as needed.
Four Week Residential Treatment Program Information Sheet

14 Day Follow-up: Two weeks of intensive work for clients who have completed  the Four Week or 90 day program and have remained clean and sober for three months or longer.

90 Day Program: Addresses Steps 4 to 12 of A. A, including 33 sessions of Living in Balance Series as well as many other life skills programming.


Admission Requirements

The following is the eligibility criteria for our program:

-Desire to attend treatment

– Minimum age for admission is 18 years old.

– Physically and mentally capable of participating in treatment sessions/activities.  If not able to participate due to health reason, please schedule an intake date when you are healthy enough.

– We require a minimum of five (5 ) days clean & sober prior to arrival. Detox may be required.

– All medical/dental appointments must be completed prior to admission.

– Multiple medications in bubble pack form

– Non-approved medications include Narcotics, Tranquilizers, Sedatives

– Please ensure medications are approved prior to arrival.

– Any court matters completed prior to admission.

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