Admission Requirements

The following is the eligibility criteria for our program:

-Desire to attend treatment

– Minimum age for admission is 18 years old.

– Physically and mentally capable of participating in treatment sessions/activities.  If not able to participate due to health reason, please schedule an intake date when you are healthy enough.

– We require a minimum of five (5 ) days clean & sober prior to arrival. Detox may be required.

– All medical/dental appointments must be completed prior to admission.

– Multiple medications in bubble pack form

– Non-approved medications include Narcotics, Tranquilizers, Sedatives

– Please ensure medications are approved prior to arrival.

– Any court matters completed prior to admission.

The following  forms completed and received:

– Admission form thoroughly completed with referral information filled in.

– Medical report completed.

– Payment confirmation form completed by funding source.


Once received and properly assessed, an acceptance letter confirming the intake date will be sent to the referring party.


Intake frequency: Bi-weekly cycles. Intakes on Mondays. Graduation ceremonies are on Thursdays with discharge on Fridays.


Please Note: Intake is subject to written confirmation of funding or payment in advance.